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A Year of Creative Experiments

Every month, I pick 1 new idea.

This can be anything. As long as I'm learning something new, feeling uncomfortable, and sharing it online —  it counts!

No rules, no goals, and no expectations.

In 2023, I've added one more layer:

'System Tweaks'. These are small Let's-see-what-happens-if's, where I experiment with a change to an old process - just to keep things fresh!


January 🚧
• Experiment: More Creative Experiments workshops
• System Tweak: Newsletter switch to Beehiiv (affiliate link)

There's another workshop brewing on how to start your own 'Year of Creative Experiments' on Monday, February 6. Sign up here.
I'm blocking off 2 Creativity Calls (15 mins) per week in my schedule. Book a slot if you'd like to have a chat about habits, systems, and mindset around online creativity and online writing.


Read about all the details + my key learnings here.