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A Year of Creative Experiments

In 2022 and 2023, I committed to one "creative experiment" per month.

This could be anything. As long as I was learning something new, feeling uncomfortable, and writing about it online— it counts! No rules, no goals, and no expectations.

2024 is a little bit different. Instead of a bunch of different experiments, I'm narrowing my focus to just 2 things: building my body-based productivity practice + online writing.


  • January: Run 3 more Creative Experiments workshops
  • February: Write a short ebook 15 Simple Behavioral Tools to Boost Energy, Focus & Motivation
  • March: Implement the ebook as a referral gift for my newsletter Stretch
  • April: Train day-to-day breath awareness (+ breathwork exercises) ✓
  • May: Shift to a weekly cadence for Stretch (vs. every two weeks) ✓
  • June: 3 x social media posts per week on Twitter & Linkedin 🚩
  • July: A month of "self-rejection therapy" ✓
  • August: 1 short video per clip per day on Twitter & Linkedin
  • September: BreathHoldWork course ✓
  • October: Workshop on Breathwork for Focus & Cognitive Performance ✓
  • November: Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Coach certification ✓
  • December: Create a corporate workshop on Body-Based Productivity ✓


Read about all the details + my learnings here.