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A Year of Creative Experiments

Every month, I pick 1 new idea to experiment with.

Everything experiment starts from the question: "I wonder what would happen if..."

This can be anything. As long as I'm learning something new, feeling uncomfortable, and writing about it online— it counts!

No rules, no goals, and no expectations.


  • January: Run 3 more Creative Experiments workshops
  • February: Write a short ebook '15 Simple Behavioral Tools to Boost Energy, Focus & Motivation'  ✓
  • March: Implement the ebook as a referral gift for my newsletter Stretch
  • April: Train day-to-day breath awareness (+ breathwork exercises) ✓
  • May: Shift to a weekly cadence for Stretch (vs. every two weeks) ✓
  • June: 3 x social media posts per week on Twitter & Linkedin ✓
  • July: A month of "self-rejection therapy" ✓
  • August: 1 short video per clip per day on Twitter & Linkedin
  • September: BreathHoldWork course 👷‍♀️🚧


Read about all the details + my learnings here.