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Charlotte Grysolle

Hey, I'm Charlotte.

This is my space where I share ideas and resources around the topics I'm interested in: productivity, neuroscience, self-exploration and building a unique lifestyle around creating online.

Going from passively consuming to writing has improved my life in so many ways.

But it's really once I started sharing my thoughts and engaging in online communities that I radically changed how I view myself and my future.

So yeah, welcome, take a look around!

I collect my articles here and on Medium, and send out a bi-monthly newsletter called Stretch. 🤸‍♀️

And if you like what you see, let's connect:

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“You’ve got to treat your brain like a dog you just got.”

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The best thing about it? Anyone can do it, any time, anywhere.

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My Life Tech Stack

An overview of my favourite apps and tools

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Overview and honest review of the 7 online courses I've tried.

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5 Japanese Life Philosophies Worth Knowing

Build your latticework of philosophies for a deeper and simpler life.

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Feeling Frustrated When Learning a New Skill? Good!

The power of neuroplasticity and making mistakes for rapid learning.

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Avoid Narrow Framing & Instantly Improve Your Decision Making

A technique from behavioral psychology book 'Decisive' by Chip & Dan Heath

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How to Flick Your Creativity Switch