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Charlotte Grysolle

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Huberman's 4-Step Protocol For Learning that Changes Your Brain

Not every experience rewires your brain. Follow these hardwired protocols for optimal learning.

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15 Learnings From a Conversation Between a Neuroscientist & Navy SEAL Officer

Leverage your hardwired biology with these science-backed findings.

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Feeling Frustrated When Learning a New Skill? Good!

The power of neuroplasticity and making mistakes for rapid learning.

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Goals Are for Losers and Passion Is Bullshit

Four refreshing ideas from ‘How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big’

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Understand These Two Neuroscience Concepts To Build Stronger Habits

“You’ve got to treat your brain like a dog you just got.”

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A Simple Visual Technique To Trick Your Mind Into Relaxation

The best thing about it? Anyone can do it, any time, anywhere.

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Neuroplasticity Is the Most Underrated Feature of Your Nervous System

4 ideas to rewire your brain and leverage neuroplasticity to your advantage.

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Remove Repetitive Tasks With Mac Productivity App ‘Alfred’

And save at least 60 hours per year.

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Be a 5-Star Student for a 5-Star Experience (+ 4 Other Philosophies for Injecting Energy Into Your Day)

Entrepreneur Shaan Puri’s uncommon tactics for uncommon results.